Another small update!
LDB @ July 11, 2014
Hey guys! I hope everyone is well. Today, I just have a few quick things to cover. :) So far, I hope you guys are having a good time. Again, thanks for always pointing out my mistakes and helping me out! You're all really wonderful members. :D Anyway, on to the updates!

New Member

Everyone welcome Miri! ^0^


We have some more masteries! Josie mastered Hacker and Evey mastered Hunter! :D

New Affiliates

We have two new affiliates, Big Picture and Crystalline! Go visit them on the affiliates page! :D

Level ups

The following members have all gone from Level One to Level Two! :D Congrats to Evey, Lethe, Hotaru, Rizu, Becca, Echo, Mousey, Whimsy, and Kula. Hope I didn't forget anyone. ^0^

July Birthdays!

I think I forgot to mention this last time. Either way, for everyone with a birthday in July, make sure you pick up your presents! Click here to get them!


Group A games have been updated, so go enjoy those. I plan on updating the Mystery Novel sometime next week. Do you guys like that game? xD

New Decks

Got some new cards for you today. :D We have 8 new decks, and you can have 1 card from each deck! Hope you like them. ♥

Okay, until next week everyone! <3

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